2020 Free Enterprise Sponsors

Free Enterprise Academy would not be possible without the support of Newark Rotary Club Members and other respected community leaders and businesses in the region. Below is a list of Financial Sponsors making The Free Enterprise Scholarships possible.  

Key Note Speaker Focus 3. The heartbeat of Focus 3 is that we help organizations build better leaders, better culture, and better behavior. The systems that were identified are The R Factor in individual performance, Lead Now for leaders, and exceptional culture for organizations and teams. Speaker Scott is a veteran of the United States Navy SEAL Teams since 2002, a Chief Petty Officer, and a Master Training Specialist. Scott is a graduate of The Ohio State University. Through his military and professional experience, Scott shares a unique perspective on Focus 3’s system. With passion, he conveys the value of critical decision-making and a systematic approach to leadership, culture, and behavior, for the ultimate purpose of producing exceptional results.

The Newark Rotary Club Foundation directs its interests, its emphasis and its giving in three (3) broad areas, as follows:

  1. Education at all levels
  2. Children with special needs
  3. The advancement and perpetuation of the American Free Enterprise System

Griffin’s is a family owned local Columbus Florist & Newark Florist that services all of the metropolitan area with say day flower delivery.   Griffins offers an extensiveness wine inventory in their Newark Wine shop & New Albany Wine Shop.  Griffins is your local neighborhood florists delivering fresh flowers for all occasions.

North Valley Bank was originally established in 1904 by local area businessmen in the Village of Corning, Ohio as The Bank of Corning Company. The need for a locally owned, community-oriented commercial bank arose out of the oil boom at the turn of the century. ““Work Hard, Be A Team, And Communicate Effectively For The Best”

What makes The Energy Cooperative different from other utilities? We do not have customers. We are owned by our members. Cooperatives have deep roots in the communities they serve because without them we would not exist. We were built by our members in 1936 to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy. While the times may have changed, our mission and outlook have not. We view our role as a catalyst for good.

Licking Memorial Health Systems (LMHS) is a not-for-profit healthcare organization dedicated to the mission of improving the health of the community. Under the leadership of a volunteer Board of Directors, LMHS consists of Licking Memorial Hospital, a multi-specialty physician corporation called the Licking Memorial Health Professionals and the Licking Memorial Health Foundation.


With over 20 years’ experience, Stone Works has established itself as a premier builder of quality and affordable homes in Licking, Knox and Muskingum counties. Our building philosophy is rooted in customer care, quality construction and value. 

Our dedicated and caring staff will help guide you and your family through the process of losing a loved one by being as creative as possible in crafting a meaningful ceremony for you. Whether it is a Celebration of Life Service, a Traditional Funeral Service or a Memorial Celebration we are here to accomplish your family’s wishes.Sincerely, Jack W. Stickle, II

My wealth management approach is about designing investment strategies to help turn goals into reality. I feel I have succeeded when I help you meet your goals.  For Jon Renner, the primary driver for achieving one’s goals in life is discipline. As a Marine with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan – Jon draws upon first-hand knowledge that discipline, behavior, and persistence are the foundations of successful achievements, both in the military and with each client’s investment goals.

Kelly Parker at Kelly Parker HER Realtors has a personal stake in your success, and she works hard to make sure that when you come to her, you’re met with nothing short of the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and innovation in the industry.

As your Financial Advisor, I can help you define and strive to meet your goals by delivering a vast array of resources to you in the way that is most appropriate for how you invest and what you want to achieve. Working together, I can help you to preserve and grow your wealth. You will have access to some of the world’s most seasoned and respected investment professionals, a premier trading and execution platform and a full spectrum of investment choices.

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